One of your reports has accrued a lot of paid time off

2 minutes

Bring it up in your next 1:1

No need to book a formal separate meeting. Begin by having an open conversation with your employee about their upcoming vacation plans at your next 1-1. “Any exciting trips coming up soon?”.

If they don’t mention any, say they are too busy or overwhelmed, it’s too expensive, or otherwise dismiss the idea of time off, what they say will determine your response and coaching.

Clarify intent

First clarify why you are asking.

The reason I’m asking is I’ve noticed that you have [number of accrued vacation time] vacation time accrued. I care about your well-being and it’s important to take time off and time away.

It’s very possible they weren’t aware, or also may not know how to submit a vacation request. Make sure they know the policy and that it’s clear. Requesting time off should be simple.

Suggested actions 

If they were aware, something else may be getting in the way. Here are some actions to take:

Additional tips 

Credits: Photo by @nate_dumlao on Unsplash.