Say Hi to Pyn

Design, automate and personalize the employee journey

Craft your employee journey and send the right message to the right people at the right time. Every time.


Friendly first days

A seamless automated onboarding experience for global or remote teams. You can:

  • Delight with your pre-onboarding communications
  • Design your 90 day onboarding journey
  • Streamline your buddy program
  • Onboarding buddy tasks
  • Highlight if someone has been a buddy multiple times
    ... and more.


A manager’s manual, automatically

Scaling manager education and support whenever they need it:

  • Kick off 1:1 templates, triggered upon promotion
  • Sent incrementally and just-in-time
  • 90 day program for new managers
  • Guide for manager of newly promoted manager
  • Option to link to your LMS
  • 1:1s, feedback, and coaching guides
  • Salary and performance review support

Career Development

On the right career path

Every career journey personalized, from day 1 to 101:

  • Nudge when someone’s due for a career conversation
  • Career conversation guides
  • Vary instructions by department
  • 3 month strengths conversations
  • Development support for new managers
  • Automate Buddy and Mentor programs

Special Moments

Never miss a moment

There will be cake! And balloons, and candles, and remote-friendly good times:

  • Never forget the important dates, like birthdays, work anniversaries, and Gary’s pup’s Gotcha Day
  • Use your HRIS data to define the moments that matter
  • Reliably remember the dates that are special to your team, every time
  • Parent return-to-work planning

Personalize with your HR Calendar

Pyn can help you create the best experience possible for each and every employee, in real-time.

How it works together
Connect your HRIS tool so Pyn can easily identify employee start dates, manager relationships, and more.
Define your demographics and identify your employee experience moments, all supported by the Pyn Library.
Create personalized emails or Slack messages you can set and (never) forget, totally in sync with your HRIS.
Use your company calendar to personalize to specific demographics, then send in local timezones.

Security at the heart of Pyn

We’ve got the strictest GDPR and SOC2 protocols in place so your secrets are safe with us.

“Pyn lets us automate hundreds of helpful messages for our people based on their unique situation and circumstances.”

Dipti Salopek
VP of People at Snyk

Powerful editor capabilities

Work with your company branding

Customize fonts, colors and signatures

Write and format messages

Include images and gifs or embed videos

Variations for personalized messages

Make sending department and location specific information easy (e.g. Engineering Only, Australia Only)

HR & Manager collaboration

Designed for HR

HR person can easily create their own HRIS triggered nudges and communications without needing to rely on HR Tech or IT

Manager personalization prompts

Designed for Managers

Reminders for managers to update the personalized note before the message is sent

No-code, low tech

HR person can easily create their own HRIS triggered nudges and communications without needing to rely on HR Tech or IT


Meet them at every stop on the journey

We allow employees to connect via the tools they use the most including Slack, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Teams and many more.

Deep Slack and email integrations


Send a Slack or Email directly from your personal Slack or Email

Choose your channel

Deep Slack integration: Send to Slack channel, Slack Direct Message, or Email

Target individuals, not lists

Pyn can target individuals and then send automated messages, from one person to another

Analyze the data

Pynpoint what's working, cull what's not, and forge your path forward

On your time

Communicate to employees in their local timezones

Safe and secure for enterprise

Approved Slack App, SOC2 Type 2, GDPR compliant, Data Processing

Our HRIS data integrations

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Shape your employee experience