Pyn radically
personalizes employee communications.

Cut through the noise with Pyn, the world's first employee-centric communication tool

Powering fast-growing companies that care about their employee experience:

Pyn lets us automate hundreds of helpful messages for our people based on their unique situation and circumstances.
- Dipti Salopek, VP of People at Snyk

Relevant and well-timed only, please.

Automatically send helpful messages at key moments - from the first day in the job, to a promotion, to running your first 1:1.

Workday Event
New Manager
Eva has been promoted!
Slack Notification
@eva Congratulations!
How to run your first 1:1
Open Now

Love the Messenger.

Send messages that hit the mark. Pick by who, when, and how a message is delivered, or opt to give more control to the recipient.

Slack or Email Notification
Running your first remote interview
Hi Anna, here are our practices on running remote interviews.
Slack or Email Notification
Changes to our performance process
Your upcoming 1:1s are a chance to answer any questions on our new performance review process.
Pyn works with Slack, Email, Teams, and more

Automatic delivery means you'll never miss a moment.

Configure automations to provide employees useful information, right when they need it.

Different knowledge for different managers.

No two managers are alike – and neither are their teams. Pyn is designed to know the difference and cater content on a manager-by-manager, team-by-team basis.

Get Started with Manager Training
You're a manager! Here's how to run your first 1:1.
You hired your first remote worker. How to adjust your management style.
Anna returns from maternity leave soon. Create a return to work plan.
Here's a script for next week's salary review conversation.

Set it. Forget it.

Schedule comms around internal events – when they’re weeks, months, or even years away. Then feel free to forget them. Pyn won’t.

Get Started with Internal Comms
Calendar of communications

Onboarding without anxiety

Pyn sends guidance to new hires and their managers from before day 1 to long after.

Get Started with Onboarding
Learn why Bright Co. was founded. Read our mission.
Asha's first day is Monday. Prepare these 5 things.
7 things to do during your first week at Bright Co.
What you need to know for Asha's 30-day check-in.

Comprehensive content backed by comprehensive analytics.

If you don’t know what isn’t working, you can’t fix it. Pyn not only lets you know what is resonating, but also what isn’t.

Get Started with Analytics
Analytics such as click-through

Guidance for Sales, Support, Engineering, Everyone.

There’s no team that can’t benefit from clearer, timelier communication. That’s why Pyn was designed for everyone from Internal Comms to individual managers and teams.

Get Started with Team Communications
Kamal's CSAT dropped. How to help him rebound.
How to write performance reviews for sales people.
How to prep for your 1st technical interview this Tuesday.
You're traveling to the NYC office. Here's some useful info.

If it happens in your organization, Pyn is there to track it.

Pyn integrates with your systems to trigger communications

A library of answers before you even have questions.

Pyn starts you with hundreds of customizable HR and Comms templates. Can’t find what you need? Edit ours or create your own.

Let's make calmer organizations.

By sending content to the people who need it, only when they need it, Pyn helps teams combat information overload, reduce stress, and save time.

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