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Messages mapped to the employee journey
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Messages mapped to the employee journey

Made for global and remote teams, Pyn helps you plan and schedule messages at key moments across the employee journey.

Manager support with Pyn
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Always-on manager training and support

Give busy managers everything they need with ongoing training and support delivered automatically, exactly when they need it. 

Joris Luijke CEO of Pyn
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Automated employee onboarding

A seamless automated onboarding experience for your new hires that minimizes manual work.

Pyn will pay for itself after only 1.5 months

Pyn personalization

Automations powered by your HRIS data

At the moments that matter, automatically send the message your employees need to receive

Pyn HR calendar

Plan everything in your HR calendar

Whether it’s to honor International Women’s Day or a friendly nudge to submit your OKRs, Pyn is there for HR moments big and small.

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At this point, turning off Pyn would feel like going back to the Middle Ages

Netta Efron
Global Director, People and Culture, Koala

Netta Efron

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