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AJ Thomas
Global Head of Talent Experience

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Yes. There's no cost to sign up for or use the Employee Journey Designer.

Upon logging in to the Employee Journey Designer, you'll be presented with a pre-populated Employee Journey Map. We recommend exploring the templates, then set up time with your team to customize and prioritize the map to fit your unique employee experience.

Invite your team to collaborate on your map within the Employee Journey Designer (it's free!). Review and prioritize moments that matter together. You could start on a category like Onboarding (first impressions matter!) or perhaps you have engagement survey data or other signal that you should focus on an area like manager development. The important thing is to start somewhere. Starting small then expanding your map can be an effective way to get everyone on board.

Congratulations on creating your first map! An employee journey map is a living resource, so we recommend that you revisit the map regularly with your team like in a monthly planning/review meeting. You can also use your map when presenting to stakeholders outside of your team.