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Happy Holi! Here’s how we’re celebrating at

Celebrated as winter turns into spring, Holi is the Hindu “festival of colors.” In addition to celebrating the dawn of Spring, Holi is also a celebration of good prevailing over evil, illustrated through the Hindu story of Hiranyakashipu, an ancient King who demanded to be worshiped as a God and was ultimately slain by the Hindu God Vishnu—a sacred example of good triumphing evil. 

Today, people honor Holi in a variety of ways. Many use the day as an opportunity to let go of any negative energy they’re holding so they can start fresh in spring. There are also Holi festivals, complete with bonfires, music, sweets, and what’s arguably the most well-known Holi tradition—throwing brightly colored powder and water at other festival-goers.

How to prepare

Happy Holi! We’ll be closed on [insert date]; make sure to turn on your out-of-office notifications and enjoy the celebrations!

How we’re celebrating

At [company name], we’re celebrating Holi—and welcoming Spring!—in a variety of ways, including:

  • [Insert event]
  • [Insert event]
  • [Insert event]

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