Turn your Employee Handbook into a “Dynamic” Handbook for Remote Teams

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With the move to remote work, we’re all picking up the mantra “Write Everything Down.” And with that, we’re dusting off and beefing up the Employee Handbook.

But, handbooks have some major flaws.

Pyn is on a mission to rethink the handbook.

We want to turn your existing Handbook into a “Dynamic” Employee Handbook.

No more static handbook from which you pull information! Instead, you can turn it into an active handbook that pushes information to a person exactly when they need it - and only the bits relevant to that individual.

Resurgence of the Handbook

An ongoing challenge remote companies will face is to keep everyone informed efficiently and to minimize confusion.

Fully remote companies like GitLab, InVision and Automattic have championed the use of detailed handbooks that act as a single source of truth.

Now, with more companies working remotely than ever, I’ve noticed how other teams are now starting to reinvest in their handbooks also.

Hundreds of new pages are being added to ensure consistency and clarity.

Some prominent fully-remote companies

Handbook Flaws

From an employee’s perspective, there is one consistent pain:

Isn’t it just so bloody hard to find anything! 🤯

And, when you’ve finally find the relevant handbook page, you’ll still need to sift through a lot of information that’s not relevant to your personal circumstances.

If only there was a way to:

  1. Make finding the information effortless.
  2. Heck, what if you didn’t even have to look for it yourself!)
  3. Get served information right when you need it.

Well, that’s what Pyn does.

Dynamic Handbook Content

Pyn lets you send helpful handbook information to team members exactly when they need it.

Pyn automatically pushes relevant information to the right person based on their unique journey, location and context.

That’s how we turn your handbook in the most unique and dynamic collection of company information ever created!

Pyn links to your favorite HRIS, Sales, Support, Travel and Recruiting systems to scan for events. Employees automatically receive helpful guidance at when key moments happen.

Pyn’s easy interface then allows you to deliver the right information from your handbook based on someone’s demographic information.

3 Examples of Contextual Information

With Pyn, employees will get support at important moments - like a promotion, an upcoming holiday of one of your team members, or when your report needs some performance coaching.

Each time, relevant parts normally sitting in a handbook are automatically sent out:

Messages for specific employee events

5 More Remote-Powers 💪

  1. Give Employees Control: With Pyn, Employees can set their own preferences on how and when they wish to receive information. Prefer Slack or Email? Messages in the Morning or Afternoon? Immediately delivered or sent as a digest on Friday?
  2. Handbook on Autopilot: Pyn lets companies host content on their favorite platforms (e.g. Notion or Confluence) or host it on Pyn. Either way, we will make the delivery timely, smooth and beautiful?
  3. Love the Messenger: When delivering content, the Pyn admin can choose if the information should be sent from a Slack Bot, from a real person via Direct Message, into a Slack Group, or via Email.
  4. Respect Local Time Zones: Pyn ensures that information is automatically sent at an appropriate time in a person’s local time zone (painful to do without the right tools).
  5. Content Library. Pyn has an amazing library of content for companies to pick from, and edit, as they please. The library covers most important employee moments.
Credits: Photo by @jaredd_craig on Unsplash.