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Veterans Day in US for managers with US direct reports

The US office will be closed November 11th in observance of Veterans Day.

What is the meaning of Veterans Day in the US?

Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans. You may have employees who served in the military, or had friends or family serve. They may have been on active duty, have family currently serving, or have lost a loved one in combat.

You may not know these personal details. So, the best way is to simply ask people what they plan to do on their day off.

And, if you learn that your team member has (or had) family in active duty or who may have been in the military themselves, here are ways to connect with them:

  • Thank them for their service (or for their family member’s service).
  • Ask about their time in the military like where they were stationed or what jobs they did.

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