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Today we want to take a moment to ask - are you ok?

⚠️ Pyn note to HR: Update this message to reflect any events being held by your organization. You may also want to include any programs that employees can access such as EAPs or other wellbeing support you offer.

A seemingly simple, yet powerful question especially for those who may be struggling, “Are you okay?” 

R U OK? Day is a reminder to check in with those around you in order to identify and create a safe space for those who may be in need of extra support. It was started by Gavin Larkin who founded the R U OK? harm prevention charity in Australia.

We want to provide a safe and healthy environment and recognize that these are meaningful conversations that can be challenging to have if you don’t know how to have them. 

To aid you in asking “Are you ok?” and connecting yourself or others with appropriate support, here are some resources to help:

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