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How we’re observing Sukkot at

One of the three Jewish Pilgrimage Festivals (where, traditionally, Jewish people were encouraged to travel to the Temple of Jerusalem), Sukkot is a holiday that commemorates the Israelites being sheltered from the elements during their escape from Egypt. In Israel, Sukkot is also viewed as the unofficial end of summer and start of the fall season.

During Sukkot, many Jewish people build a hut (called a Sukkah), where they eat and sleep throughout the seven-day holiday. Many restaurants and eateries also join in on the Sukkot tradition, serving food to customers in makeshift Sukkahs.

Sukkot is also a time of celebration, with many celebrating at parades, parties, and musical events.

How to prepare

We’ll be closed on the First Day of Sukkot. Please make sure to turn on your out-of-office notifications.

How we’re observing

Chag Sameach! Here’s how we’ll be observing Sukkot this year at

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