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Honoring Guru Nanak’s birthday

Guru Nanak’s birthday is a holiday honoring the birth of Guru Nank Dev, the founder of Sikhism. Considered to be the most important festival for Sikhs, the observances for Nanak’s birthday stretch over multiple days, starting with religious ceremonies at gurudwaras, Sikh places of worship. Celebrations continue with a nagar kirtan procession in which, led by the Panj Pyare (a group of five men displaying the Sikh flag), the Guru Grant Sahib, the Holy Scripture of Sikhism, is marched through the streets on a palanquin while followers play traditional instruments, sing hymns, and practice martial arts.

Guru Nanak Dev is revered as a dedicated servant; as a young boy, he was said to host langars (community kitchens), serving free food to the poor—a tradition that continues on Guru Nanak’s birthday at gurudwaras across India.

How to prepare

In honor of Guru Nanak’s birthday, we will be closed November 15. Please make sure to turn on your out-of-office notifications beforehand.

How we’re observing

In honor of Guru Nanak’s birthday—and in celebration of our Sikh colleagues—we will be observing the holiday in a variety of ways, including:

  • [Insert event]
  • [Insert event]
  • [Insert event]

How to take action

If you want to honor Guru Nanak Dev on his birthday, here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Donate money and/or food to your local gurudwara
  • Attend a prayer service
  • [Insert additional way to get involved here]

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