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Election Day in the US is coming up

Election Day is on Tuesday, November 5th. Here’s what you need to know to rock the vote! 🤘

Before Election Day

You may need time during your regular work hours to cast your ballot. At least three days before Election Day, check with your manager or HR representative to confirm:

  • how much time you may take away from work 
  • if the time is paid or unpaid; and,
  • if you must provide advance notice of the time you will take to go vote.

Information about voting eligibility and voting laws in your state is at:

On Election Day

Discussions about politics may find their way into the workplace. Remember that who and what you vote for is your choice. You do not have to discuss your voting preferences with your colleagues or manager. 

Other things to remember on Election Day:

  • Support your colleagues to take the time to vote.
  • Notify your manager if you will be away during your regular working hours (as needed).
  • Acknowledge that voting is a personal affair, and can be of great importance and significance to people.
  • Check ahead to make sure you know where your polling place is and what you need to bring with you.
  • Don’t assume all of your colleagues have the right to vote.
  • Do not ask people to disclose or justify who they voted for.

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