How to create consistent employee onboarding for hybrid work



Hybrid work makes onboarding more complicated - but this isn't always a bad thing.

In this webinar, Pyn's former Lead Comms Strategist, Lindsey Caplan, teaches you how to create a consistent onboarding experience to fit an ever-evolving and high growth workplace.

You'll learn:
Science-backed techniques behind an ideal onboarding process that fits all your employees
How to create transparent onboarding communications that set up both a new joiner and their manager for success
How Lucid created a complex yet high-performing onboarding process, from Ashlyn Gagon, Senior People Operations Specialist.


Lindsey Caplan

Lindsey Caplan is a screenwriter turned organizational psychologist who helps HR and business leaders script their change efforts for the effect they want, via her consultancy, The Gathering Effect. Her expertise is in scripting employee experiences that help boost morale, engagement, and retention for the long term. She spent the last decade leading Learning and Organizational Development at successful Silicon Valley companies like Zendesk, Credit Karma, and Flexport and was also a founding team member and Lead Communication Strategist at Pyn.

Ashlyn Gagon

Ashlyn Gagon is the Sr. People Operations Specialist at Lucid Software. She has a background in recruiting and currently specializes in onboarding and new hire orientation. Ashlyn is passionate about creating remarkable employee experiences, helping new hires feel supported and welcomed as they take on their new role, and setting managers up for success as they welcome new team members aboard.