Employee Journey Mapping Fundamentals



Employee journey mapping is the new way to design the employee experience, and with Pyn's free Employee Journey Designer, it’s easier than ever.

During this educational webinar, Pyn CEO and Cofounder Joris Luijke, and Stacey Nordwall, VP of People Strategy at Pyn, teach you the fundamentals of employee journey mapping and how to create your first map using Pyn’s free tool. 

The webinar covers the following in detail: 

  • The concept of journey mapping
  • How journey mapping complements other strategic HR planning activities
  • Why you need collaborators to create the best map (and who you should work with)
  • How to get an MVP of your journey map using the Employee Journey Designer

By the end of this 60-minute session, you’ll have a better understanding of journey mapping and the insights you need to confidently build your first map with your team. 


Joris Luijke

CEO and Cofounder, Pyn

Joris Luijke is the Co-founder and CEO of Pyn. He was previously the People Chief at Atlassian, Squarespace, and Typeform. He's now building the tools he wished he had when running HR.

Stacey Nordwall

Stacey Nordwall

VP of People Strategy, Pyn

Stacey Nordwall is the VP of People Strategy at Pyn. She has an MA with Honors in Counseling Psychology from St. Mary’s College of California and a BA in Psychology and Communication from Stanford University. She is passionate about creating inclusive workplaces where people can thrive and helping People teams evolve to meet the new world of work.