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It’s World Nutella Day!

⚠️ Pyn note to HR: Update this message to reflect any events being held by your organization. You could send out Nutella as a gift to employees, be sure to check for dietary preferences/allergies first. 

Is today just an excuse to eat more chocolate and nutty sandwiches? Well yes, it sure is! 

According to Nutella, this annual observation was established back in 2007, by Sara Rosso, an American blogger and obvious Nutella lover. In 2015 she handed the event over to the company, and every year they look for the biggest Nutella fan to inspire the celebration. 

Could you be this year’s Nutella fan? 

If you’re not into the name brand stuff, you can find different versions of chocolate hazelnut spreads by Justin’s Nut Butter, TBH (palm oil free) or make a vegan or sugar free version at home. 

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