Job titles we used to attract the right candidates for our startup.

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… And announcing Emma Cahalane, our new Chief of Staff

It’s an exciting time to be at Pyn! We have a growing list of truly amazing customers and amazing investors.

We’re proud of what our small team has been able to accomplish since launching Pyn v.1 about 6 months ago.

Now it’s also time to look at growing our team!

The first few hires

The first people startups bring in are often quite unique: folks who are willing and able to jump into any situation.

The right candidate also brings a different personal outlook.

They will have plenty of technical skills in their domain. But what’s different about these initial hires is that they’re first building a company and a culture. And the customer and product follows that.

These individuals may well have been founders before, or will want to be one in the future.

You need to think creatively about the job titles you put on your careers page. For the wrong job title can easily attract the wrong candidate.

Recently, we opened 2 roles: Chief of Staff and Founding Engineer

For an all-round engineering leader we could have opened a Head of Engineering, CTO, or similar role - - Instead, we chose the title Founding Engineer.

Similarly, for our Operations/CS generalist, we could have picked titles like Head of Ops, Director of Strategy, etc. Instead, we opted for Chief of Staff.

Before I go into the reasons why, I’m excited to say that we filled one of the roles.

Welcome, Emma, our new Chief of Staff

Emma Cahalane

We are very excited to announce that we found our new Chief of Staff, Emma Cahalane.

Prior to moving back to Australia (and the completion of her 14-day mandated quarantine 😊), Emma was General Manager for Sonder, Seattle/Vancouver.

Emma also spent 8 years at Google working across People Operations and Customer Success. She’s also deeply passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and co-led the [email protected] Google AU/NZ for 2 years.

Early-stage startups need different titles

Both titles will likely change as the organization grows. But here are important reasons why we didn’t advertise a title that included things like Head of…, Director, or VP:

We’re looking for a Founding Engineer

If you’ve ever wanted to found your own company, or just get experience of scale at this unique stage - this is the role for you.

You will work directly with the Founders on product direction, strategy, and execution and will help build something great from the beginning.

Read our job ad .

Credits: Photo by @shutters_guild on Unsplash.