Customer Success Leader apply

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to build a startup from the ground up? This role may be perfect for you.

Who are we?

Our mission is to create calmer organizations. With Pyn, employees get more of the messages they need, and fewer of the ones they don’t. We do this by providing companies with tools for targeted, tailored communications.

Our founders are Jon Williams and Joris Luijke. Jon previously co-founded the technology company Culture Amp. Joris helped scale the culture of Atlassian and Squarespace as their Head of People. Pyn is backed by Accel; an early investor in Facebook, Slack, Dropbox, and many more great companies.

Pyn originates from Sydney, Australia. However, we have employees and customers across the globe. While we work remotely, we still love to get together if and when we can. Ideally our employees have good overlap with the Australian Eastern or Pacific time zones.

Your impact

This is your opportunity to build the customer success model you’ve always wanted to build: by combining proven CS methodologies with your own personal flair and personality.

You will empower Pyn’s customers to communicate with their employees better.

Employees may be feeling overwhelmed by the volume of communications. At the same time, they are asking for more support and clarity. You will impact the experience of 1000s of people in those organizations who receive communications by helping those who send communications.

Being an early stage startup, our customers inspire us to iterate, implement feedback, and drive forward to make Pyn better every day. You will be the voice of our customers.

What we offer

At Pyn you will:

… change the way companies communicate with their employees.

What you bring

We understand that people and careers are a unique journey. Recognizing this, we do not have strict skill and education requirements. Whilst there will always be specific skills we see as useful, we value the whole of what you can bring to Pyn.

We also realize “Customer Success Leader” is a broad title. Given our team size there is no CS team to lead. We recognize it will be your curiosity, aptitude, and love of process that will make you successful.

We’re striving to create a diverse environment and encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. If you’re curious and passionate about improving employee communications, then we’d love to hear from you.

To apply, fill in the form below, or email us at [email protected]